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The power of usinG good samples

LISten to the examples below 


Focus on the two main elements that your ears pick up

  • Do you think we created this sample from scratch? 


WE ONLY USED SAMPLES. We found the samples exactly the way you hear it in these examples.


SAMPLE 1: The arpeggiated clip 


SAMPLE 2: The vocal ‘ah ah ah’ clip

To add variety, we -

  1. panned the voice sample right and left with repetition  

  2. added a nice delay to enhance the repetition (give a dreamy feel)

  3. transposed the samples to fit to the chord structure.



What did you learn?

If you search for great samples and know how to use them, you will be able to make your tracks sound good in no time. 

pexels-cottonbro-4089501 (1).jpg


Focus on the vocals, drums, FX

  • What are your first impressions on the vocals? Are you convinced we hired a professional vocalist to sing and spent time writing lyrics?


Instead we spent time looking for the best vocal sample packs. Listen to the original vocal samples below.



  • What about the drums and FX?

Almost all our songs use samples for drums and FX.  All the examples in both Part 1 and 2 of this article uses samples for drums and FX. Listen to the FX samples below.




What did you learn?

With practice you will develop the skill of identifying samples which will work great for your projects. If you can’t hire a vocalist, you can at least look for vocal samples.  



Focus on the vocals

​The same principles apply here BUT there's a twist! We searched for two samples which sound similar and can be edited together to form an entirely new melody line in the same song. This gives uniqueness and we are not just copy pasting samples directly. Listen to the original vocal samples below.




What did you learn?

Using samples doesn't mean you need to copy paste every sample to your DAW. You can get creative by combining sample packs from different genres or styles to create your own sounds.  This will give you creative freedom to produce your melodies

duncan-kidd-89IypmbKhZI-unsplash (1).jpg

 Hope that was helpful.

Keep an eye out for our next email where we'll discuss about how the future of mixing will change in the next 5 years. 

Have fun producing,

Geett and Ari


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